California Cows Join the Modern Family in Deutsch LA Spot

By Ella Riley-Adams 

If you take the time and money to buy organic milk, you have a low-level fondness for cows. You hope they get to eat grass and see sunlight. Those who go to the farmer’s market and ask, “So, are these happy cows?” have a higher allegiance to the gentle beasts.

In their latest campaign, the California Milk Advisory Board wants dairy consumers to take the next step by inviting cows into their homes. “Make us part of your family,” they moo.


But actually they don’t moo. The cows in this campaign are talking California cows, and in the first TV spot, we’re introduced to a teenage gossip cow whose monologue is filled with words like “supes” and “bt-dubs” (meaning super and by the way, respectively). It’s hard to nail teen-talk without seeming contrived and stale, but this cow does a decent job. I’d have to consult my 14-year-old cousin to be sure, but I think this speech matches many middle-school convos. It should, considering the spot is directed by Fred Savage, Wonder Years star and now director and producer for shows like Hannah Montana and Modern Family.

The spot airs this week, accompanied by a making-of video. Though our commentator straddles the line between sensitive dad-type and creative director-stoner, the incredible mechanics he showcases make up for his dazed tone.

Credits and making-of after the jump.

Client Credits:

  • VP, Advertising: Michael Freeman


Deutsch Creative Credits:

  • Chief Creative Officer: Mark Hunter
  • Group Creative Director: Karen Costello
  • Creative Director: Jeff Bossin
  • Creative Director: Scott Hidinger
  • Senior Copywriter: Melissa Langston-Wood
  • Senior Art Director: Sara Oakley
  • Director of Integrated Production: Vic Palumbo
  • Director of Broadcast Production: Victoria Guenier
  • Senior Producer:  Dave Stephenson

VFX/Online Credits

  • VFX Supervisor: Gil Baron
  • Executive Producer: Robert Owens
  • Executive Producer: Stephanie Gilgar
  • Producer: Pip Malone
  • Coordinator: Anastasia Von Rahl

Audio Post

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