Cactus Issues ‘Good to Know’ Cannabis How-To for Colorado

By Erik Oster 

Last year, Colorado became one of four states (and now Washington D.C.) to take the common-sense measure of ending cannabis prohibition, which may have left some residents with questions regarding the specifics of the plant’s legality. So Denver-based agency Cactus worked with production studio Roger on an animated campaign entitled “Good To Know” on behalf of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (and possibly payed for by taxes on legal cannabis), the beginning of an 18-month educational campaign from the state, which will also include OOH, radio, print, digital and social components.

“Instead of just telling you what you can’t do, we’re going to tell you what you can do, too,” promises the voiceover near the beginning of the spot. “Good To Know” uses simple animation, which avoids seeming too cartoonish or psychedelic, to illustrate the answers to some common-sense questions about legal cannabis. The work lays out such basics as “don’t drive high,” keep it out of the reach of children and that you have to be 21 or over to purchase or use. It also points out that, should you choose to use, “public space, federal land, and your car aren’t the place.”


The campaign also reminds viewers that cannabis bought in Colorado can’t leave the state, an issue that has caused some brushback from Colorado’s conservative neighbors. It ends by directing viewers to While the information shared in the video seems pretty obvious and common-sense, it’s also important to make certain residents are on the same page and the PSA may ease the worries of less-informed Colorado residents who have concerns about the law.

“Our job was not to encourage marijuana use, or to judge it, but rather to create an educational campaign that’s interesting, relevant and likable in order to ensure the messages would be welcomed by, and helpful to, individuals on all sides of the issue,” explained Brian Watson, Cactus vice president, creative director. “Roger has been on our radar at Cactus for a while now, and as we began conversations with them about this project, it quickly became clear that they would be the perfect partner to execute the delicately balanced design and animation style we had in mind for this campaign.”


Ad Agency: Cactus
Founder & CEO: Joe Conrad
Partner & CCO: Norm Shearer
VP, Creative Director: Brian Watson
Sr. Art Director: Allie Nordstrom
Art Director: Daniel Buchmeier
Designer: Megan Campbell
Copywriter: Andy Bartosch
Brand Director: Tricia Espinoza
Project Manager: Chea Franz
VP, Digital & Content Production: Kate Schmitz
Executive Producer: Brooke Woodruff
Senior Production Artist: Mark Tanner
Sr. Print Producer: Jamie Sharp
Digital Producer: Aisling O’Suilleabhain
Developer: Tom Metz
Animation Company: Roger
Creative Director: Terry Lee
Executive Producer: Josh Libitsky
Director of Business Development: Drew Neujahr
Head of Production: Brandon Stevenson
Producer: Tita Poe
Art Director/Animation: Jake Portman
Lead Designer: MK Fabila
Designers: Vini Naldi, Grace Kim, Clarissa Tossin & Belinda Rodriguez
3D Artist: Justin Wilcott
Animation/Compositors: Adam Lawrence, Justin Mays, Yu Lee, Gene Sung & Zach Carnes
Cel Animation: Lyuben Dimitrov, Matt Everton, Jahmad Rollins & Ashley Becera
Editor: Sean McAllen