Cactus Gives Steffan Postaer a Thorn or Two

By Matt Van Hoven 

Euro RSCG Chairman and CCO Steffan Postaer has been busy lately. He recently wrote a book we hated about an angel sent to earth to hire an ad agency to spruce up God’s image; he’s got a blog and recently apologized for getting upset in a thread here on AgencySpy; and late last week he got less-than-stellar review for a speech he gave in Denver. Written by someone at multi-disciplinary shop Cactus, here’s some of our favorite parts from the local agency’s review of the talk.

Note: Postaer gave the speech at the New Denver Ad Club’s 2009 Outside Voices Speaker Series.


&#151 Postaer “was slated to wax somewhat poetically on the topic Inspiring Belief: Creating Cult-like Belief Systems for Brands. Unfortunately, when all was said and done, the only thing Postaer seemed to inspire was frustration and unanswered questions.”

&#151 “At best Postaer’s presentation proved an unfortunate truism of contemporary advertising: character often trumps content and charm can easily win over substance.”

&#151 “Postaer’s talk ended rather abrubtly [sic] after what seemed like a 30 minute-long preamble including a slideshow that mixed advertising imagery and religious iconography to posit the less than earth-shattering idea that advertising creates believers out of consumers. No shit, Steffan.”

&#151 “By the end of the night it seemed as if Steffan had just reworked and old marketing presentation from his days at Leo-Burnett as a convenient premise to hock his own new book.”

I would really recommend you check out the entire post. It’s a quick read. Kudos to the writer for having the chutzpah to hang it all out there.

Denver Egotist via Sharp Ideas, Image

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