By the Numbers: Most Read Stories on AgencySpy From 2009

By Matt Van Hoven 

2009 was a year void of sex scandal, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t privy to some great tidbits. We’ll bring you more of the most relevant stories later, but for now, here’s what brought the most pageviews.

1. Michael Phelps’ abs may have been responsible for this story’s success, but the real story ended up being his fall from grace post-bonghit. link


2. In our earlier days, gaming Google seemed possible. This holdout from 2008 still makes the top 5 list simply for its headline, “Porno Porno Porno Canada Porno Dick.” link

3. The power of the Web over traditional outlets was increasingly clear this year, and at one point we thought it was better to advertise with Perez Hilton than on TV. link

4. This year the Web opened the west to content from the far East, and this clip aiming to teach non-English speakers key phrases hit the nail on the head with “I have a case of bad diarrhea.” link

5. A simple commercial about blood pressure turned into a phenomenon across the interWebs. But seriously, who knew blood pressure could be so funny? link