Buy JWT Atlanta’s Old Crap on eBay!

By Bob Marshall 

Dear readers,

You are invited to “The OFFICIAL JWT ATLANTA OFFICIAL MOVING SALE!!! EXTREMELY OFFICIAL!!!” Yes, JWT Atlanta is moving to a new office, and with that move comes the various random knickknacks that no one from the office wants to take with them. One man’s trash is another man’s eBay find, right?

Among these treasures of advertising lore is Advertising Approval Stamp (current bid: $1.05), the Office Basketball Dunkage – Slamma Jamma Bo Bamma Kit (current bid: $.99), and Ronald McDonald’s left shoe porcelain collectible (current bid: $.99). These items are going fast (no they aren’t), so place your bids now!

(Disclaimer: There’s a possibility that some of this shit will break during shipping. In order to keep this garbage intact, we suggest you purchase “The Peep Kids – Friends 4eva” (current bid: $1.99) in order to cushion these fragile, poorly made items.)