Burt’s Bees Adds Halloween Faves to ‘Classic Vines’

By Erik Oster 

A few weeks ago we shared Burt’s Bees “Classic Vines” series: interpretations of classic literature using products from their “classics” collection animated in the Vine 6-second format from Baldwin& and animator Jethro Ames. Now, Burt’s Bees has rolled out two new classics for Halloween.

Their selections shouldn’t surprise anyone: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde (featured above) both get the Burt’s treatment. Both Vines are pretty much what you’d expect. In The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, the headless horseman is portrayed as a stick of lip balm whose cap has fallen off. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, I think, works a little better. Dr. Jekyll, portrayed by Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, drinks his concoction and is transformed into Mr. Hyde — portrayed by hand salve. Nothing mind-boggling here, but the way that the product changes during the transformation is a nice touch. If you liked this approach when Burt’s Bees introduced it, you’ll welcome these new Halloween additions. If you thought the idea was stupid, these will do nothing to change your mind. Stay tuned for “Sleepy Hollow,” along with credits, after the jump.   


CDs: David Baldwin, Bob Ranew
ADs: Shaun Sundholm, Jimmie Blount
CWs: Ian Fairbrother, Tedd Wood, Hayley Reaver
Agency Prod.: Melissa Blavos
Account Sup.: Katharine Belloir

Dir./Prod. Co.Jethro Ames, San Diego

SoundPond!, the Company, San Francisco
Live VO: Steven Barlow

Costumes: Elie Rossetti Serraino