Burberry Campaign is So Hot Right Now…Burberry

By Kiran Aditham 

Fashionistas, take notice. London-based Burberry is plugging its typically stylish fall/winter 2010 collection with a new digital campaign that’s centered on a new website where visitors can use their mouse to manipulate several images and videos featuring Blue Steel-faced models and their new Burberry gear. While the click, drag and rotate concept to watch the models and attire/accessories in action is nice in theory, it’s still a bit slow and glitchy when I try it in Chrome (plus, this concept isn’t the most novel to begin with).

Anyhow, in a statement, Burberry’s chief creative officer Christopher Bailey describes the campaign like this:


“This campaign protects our authentic and timeless heritage and evolves the modern way in which we communicate that. The Burberry campaigns have always been characterized by the dynamic British cast and I wanted to express the individuality and the energy behind each of their different creative expressions. Burberry was founded on innovation and outerwear and I want anyone who sees the campaign not just to see images, but to feel a part of what we have created; connecting people through technology, music, the collections, the attitude, and the emotion captured.”

The music that blares throughout in case you were curious is the track “Alleyway” from Life in Film, which comes to us courtesy of the Burberry Acoustic imprint that’s a collaboration between the fashion label and British bands. You can check out a little more behind-the-scenes ish on Burberry’s new campaign in the video above (via MTLB).

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