BSSP Staffer Collabs with SF Band on Projection Music Vid, iPhone App

By Bob Marshall 

Commenters questioning whether or not Sausalito residents ever leave their houses might be onto something. How else do you account for Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners’ account exec Scott McFadden getting away with projecting a giant music video for The Ferocious Few on San Francisco’s city hall building?

In an interview with Ünnecessary Ümlaut, McFadden says the band’s history of playing “guerilla concerts” around the Bay Area was the inspiration behind the video. “We tried to keep this same vibe by projecting in sketchy places,” he said. “It was pretty shady walking around with a projector and generator. We did get some heat but it didn’t stop us.” Truly, those advertising types are punk rock to the core.

In conjunction with the band’s video for “Loc’d Out,” the Ferocious Few is also releasing an incredible iPhone app that allows users to hold their own miniature pop-up concert wherever they see fit. Do you feel like projecting an image of Ferocious Few frontman Francisco Fernandez on a public urinal? Now’s your chance.