BSSP Played Trick or Treat with Other S.F. Agencies

By Patrick Coffee 

Today we learned that there is no Ricky’s in San Francisco and that certain BSSP employees like to play dress-up on the side.

Seems the agency pulled a little stunt of sorts this week by visiting competitors in the S.F. area for a round of adult trick or treat.

Some conclusions:

  • No one anywhere knows who BSSP is (that’s the joke)
  • At least one person who works there looks absolutely nothing like Bruce Jenner
  • Rafael is cool but rude
  • Jeff Goodby wore a Hamburglar costume this year
  • VB&P’s receptionist does not want to touch the candy
  • R/GA’s San Francisco office is less friendly than its New York office
  • BSSP has more bark than bite: their flaming bag included no poop, dog or otherwise

We also hope, for their sake, that they took an Uber van instead of driving around the city with a camera crew.