BSSP Combines Greyhound, Heavy Metal

By Erik Oster 

With summer movie season approaching, BSSP created a cinematic preview spot for Greyhound featuring the fictional heavy metal band MüttonGüt.

The 60-second spot sees the tour manager for MüttonGüt (who bear more than a passing resemblance to Spinal Tap) booking the band for Greyhound’s dollar fares rather than their usual tour bus. Initially reluctant, the band soon appreciates Greyhound’s amenities while also enjoying interacting with other passengers. The drummer, for example, teaches his seatmate how to apply eye liner to get “that smoldering effect.” While not the most original approach, its lighthearted tone fits the brand and the summer blockbuster placement.


“When we can communicate a product benefit in a relevant and rewarding way for the consumer, we’ve succeeded,” said Creative Director Steve Mapp. “Who better to experience the expanded service and onboard amenities of Greyhound than a hard-working, continually touring metal band, like MüttonGüt? Besides, they’re really big in Japan.”

The spot will run nationally in cinemas starting tomorrow, and continue through the summer blockbuster season, and a “cinema poster touting the service and band will also run in over 90 theaters in top Greyhound markets starting in October.” A 30-second version of the spot will air online on channels including ESPN, YouTube, Xbox, Vevo and Hulu.