Brut Wants You to Get Slap-Happy

By Inocul8tor 

We received this little gem for Brut over the weekend, which lets you, the visitor, choose a weapon and lay the smack down on an imitation Old Spice guy, Tiger Woods or a mime, then rejoice over your victory with a tune. Can’t believe an agency got paid to make this failed piece of spoof. The entire Brut team deserves to be put in time out. Seriously, I imagine the briefing went something like this:

Client: “We want something like the Old Spice stuff, but don’t have the money for it. How can we make our brand look cooler?”


Agency: “No problem, we’ve got it.”

You guys should’ve known better. You should’ve pushed back and told them that the Old Spice campaign is the greatest and shouldn’t be rivaled. You should have created a new brief–one that could have at least given Old Spice a run for their money.

Such a major FAIL. If I ever see this in anyone’s book, I will publish it and encourage people to mock you to your faces.