Bruce Lee Lives on Through Branding Blitz

By Kiran Aditham 

It’s been 36 years since Bruce Lee passed away, but the martial-arts star’s legacy continues to endure and has now evolved into a “powerhouse global brand” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Thanks to Lee’s daughter Shannon, who snagged the rights to his image from GE’s Universal Studios, the legendary ass-kicker’s likeness has spun off into licensing company Bruce Lee Enterprises, prodco LeeWay Media Group and branding deals with Lucky Brand Dungarees and Charter Communications. According to WSJ, daughter Lee hopes to churn out $5-10 mil a year from the branding bonanza, which will eventually be complemented by a new social networking-based site, an arrangement with Corbis’ Greenlight, a Broadway musical next year, and who knows, perhaps even a Bruce Lee version of Graceland.

While we’re sure not how Lee’s flights of fancy will translate on The Great White Way, Shannon Lee tells WSJ she “[feels] very responsible about having a certain level of care” when it comes to all the various branding efforts. Her goal is to not only raise his profile here and in China, but to shine a light on her pops’ values like sticking up for what you believe in and breaking down racial, gender and generational barriers. At the very least, it makes us want to revisit Enter the Dragon this weekend.

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