Brooklyn’s Madwell Wins Creative Review for Verizon Visible, Opens Denver Office

By Patrick Coffee 

Madwell, the Brooklyn-based “tiny little giant agency” whose clients include the New York City Marathon, Happy Family and Vita Coco, won a creative review for Verizon’s new Visible app.

What is that, you ask?

It’s a no-contract prepaid unlimited plan in app form that costs $40 per month. The one catch seems to be that speeds might be a bit slower than usual.

Moving forward, Madwell will work to develop the launch campaign and establish the brand on social media. In fact, the work already went live in the form of this “404 Not Store” popup effort in 9 cities. “Sorry, the phone store you’re looking for can no longer be found,” the copy on these fake stores reads.

“We try to embody a non-traditional approach to advertising in everything we do. Visible is defining a non-traditional approach to phone service. I couldn’t imagine a better fit for our team. Together we’re working to launch a brand that reimagines the concept of prepaid: getting a great value should also feel great, not like a concession,” said CCO Chris Sojka.

Visible head of marketing Minjae Ormes added, “As our strategic and creative collaborators and an extension of the Visible team, together we are re-inventing where and how consumers will see and hear about us.”

Beyond adding Verizon to its client list, the agency has also opened a new office in Denver and added staff members, including group accounts director Natalie Ross (who worked on accounts like Starbucks and Seattle’s Best Coffee for Integer) and ECD Jeff Gillette, formerly with Integer.

Gilette formerly led creative on Frito-Lay and Xfinity at GS&P and served as creative director on Coca-Cola with Wieden + Kennedy.