Brian Morrissey’s Twitter Doppelganger

By Matt Van Hoven 

AdWeek’s digital editor and notorious twitterer Brian Morrissey, has an impostor of sorts ala FakeSteveJobs.

Those following Morrissey’s numerous tweets will understand the tone and style of his tweets. And whoever the doppelganger author is, aptly named FakeBMorrissey, has picked up pretty well on the journalist’s quirky tweet style.


My favorite “fake” tweets thus far:

“Why are there so many sesame seeds on a sesame seed bagel? There’s at least 50 too many…”

“I’m thinking I might run a full marathon tonight…backwords. Just for the hell of it. I’ll probably average less then 7 minutes a mile.”

If I were FakeBMorrissey, I’d write, “I am digital media, so I can’t possibly hurt my reputation by tweeting whatever the hell I’m thinking.”

Update: An interesting note &#151 Morrissey himself is following FBM, as are Jason Calacanis CEO and co-founder of, Sarah Hofstetter of 360i and 43 others (ourselves included).

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