Brian Morrissey: 10 Myths of Social Media Marketing

By Matt Van Hoven 

Adweek’s Digital Editor Brian Morrissey was in Paris to give a speech on the 10 myths of social media marketing. We weren’t there, and neither was Edelman Digital’s Michael Gritto. Luckily, Gritto had a camera and was able to ask Morrissey to recreate the speech.

After the jump you’ll find the video and a list of what he discusses. Among the topics: authenticity, cost, commitment and more. I think he’s right on, with most of his thoughts.


-Social Media is super cost friendly
-It’s not about money
-Brands must give up control
-You can’t buy friends
-Authenticity is the most important aspect and cannot be sacrificed
-Campaigns must be ongoing (note: I mentioned in a post the other day that social media required a commitment &#151 Morrissey is correct that there are effective short term options. I don’t think these are the ideal solution, but it’s all open for debate).
-It can only exist in the virtual world

Via EdelmanDigital, h/t PRNewser

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