Breaking: Doner’s Been Sold, Kalter to Retire

By Matt Van Hoven 

Rumors have been trickling in that Detroit based Doner advertising has been sold by CEO Alan Kalter, who will retire, contingent upon a deal whereby Rob Strasberg, Tim Blett and David DeMuth will assume ownership (at least in part) of the agency.

A message at the top of Doner’s Web site offers a cryptic explanation for why the page has been temporarily redirected: “Hello. We’re Doner. We do lots of stuff including what used to be called ‘advertising.’ Times are changing and so are we. That’s why you’ve been redirected to our temporary home page. Our new website will be ready soon. In the meantime, have a look around and check out what we just made happen.”


We will update this story as we hear about it. Apparently employees were informed earlier today. This is the second executive-level change up in recent years, John Decerchio stepped down as VP and CCO in March, 2008.

Update: A letter to employees tells them David DeMuth will be co-CEO/president, Rob Strasberg will be co-CEO/chief creative officer and Tim Blett will continue as senior partner/president of our Newport Beach, Calif., office.

Kalter, who’s been with the agency 43 years plans to continue efforts with Doner’s “pro bono work and some other consultant duties after he leaves his post,” we’re told.

&#151 DeMuth’s previous role was EVP, Chief Strategy & Integration Officer at Doner

&#151 Strasberg recently left Crispin to join Doner, replacing Decerchio.

&#151 Blett is president of the agency’s Newport Beach, Calif. office.

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