Breaking: Casey Jones No Longer with Dell, Says Rep

By Matt Van Hoven 

Update: Andy Lark vp of global communications, communities and conversations, is taking over for Jones.


AgencySpy has learned that Casey Jones, Dell’s vp of marketing, has left the company. This information was confirmed by Jess Blackburn, a representative for the company.

Blackburn would not divulge whether or not Jones was fired or left of his own volition. At the time of this story, AgencySpy has not been able to reach Mr. Jones. The Tribble blog was the first to speculate that Jones was out after an anonymous tip in the comments section.

In mid-August, we reported a rumor we’d heard that Jones was on probation with Dell due to the lack of success that was coming out of Enfatico, a project he had spearheaded.

We wrote:

“Dell’s VP of Marketing, Casey Jones, is in hot water. The May 2007 hire, who pushed for the seemingly botched WPP/Enfatico consolidation plan, may not have much time left (at least that’s what we’re told) and is apparently on probation.

We hear that after a meeting with the Dell board, Jones was unable to convince the higher-ups that things are going well.”

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