Breaking: BBDO Detroit to Close Doors Jan. 29th

By Matt Van Hoven 

AgencySpy has learned from various sources and verified with an agency representative that BBDO Detroit is closing its doors permanently January 29, 2010. The news comes on the heels of rumor that one of BBDO’s biggest and longest standing clients, Chrysler, will be moving its business to any number of agencies that aren’t BBDO. According to BBDO, an agreement could not be reached regarding ‘a new scope of work.’

Per a BBDO statement: “On July 30th, Chrysler wrote to us stating that, while they wished to continue to work with BBDO and wanted to discuss a new scope and terms for the future, they were not prepared to continue under the current contractual framework.


“As of today, we have been unable to reach such an agreement.

“While we remain committed to working with Chrysler and are hopeful that an agreement can be reached, we now have to assume and plan for the fact that our relationship will end when our contract does on January 26, 2010.”

We’re unaware how many employees remain in the Detroit shop, which has undergone a few round of layoffs in the last 18 months. AdAge reports 485 people are currently working there.

“We have a moral obligation to give our people as much notice as possible to plan for their futures, and a commercial one to plan for the likely closure of the BBDO Detroit office. We have, therefore, today given notice to the BBDO Detroit staff that the agency will close at the end of January.”

Andrew Robertson, CEO of BBDO Worldwide, delivered the news to his agency today. “‘To do’ lists have got longer; nights and weekends shorter,” said Robertson of his staff’s work. “And throughout this, every morning our people have dusted themselves off, picked themselves up, and climbed back on their horses. They have done everything they could to support our clients and their brands. They have worked tirelessly and with extraordinary commitment to deliver the best work they could. They have never whined in self pity, or complained. They have continued to radiate when most would have drained.”

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