Breakfast, MLB Launch ‘Mission Control’ for the Nerdiest Fans in Pro Sports

By Bob Marshall 

There are two kinds of Major League Baseballs fans. The first is the type that gets stoked for the season every spring, keeps up through May, gets bored as hell, and tunes back in around September if his or her team has a legitimate shot at the postseason. The second fan is the diehard nerd. Think of the odd bunch of New York sportswriters who started what would become Fantasy Sports in the 1980s. Think of someone like Nate Silver, who got his start in the intricacies of baseball metrics before he became the numbers-driven face of the 2012 presidential election. This type of person, typically one who suffers from a severe case of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, is the driving force behind keeping Major League Baseball alive in an era where the NFL continues to rise is popularity.

With a new contraption, MLB and New York-based agency Breakfast (of “Bike With a Brain” fame) are going to make the palms of baseball nerds sweat. Mission Control, a large interactive device that now resides at the MLB Fan Cave in Manhattan, allows weirdos to see, in real time, statistics about MLB games currently in progress. With more than 30 switches adorning the 20-foot long electronic thingy, fans can see metrics like strikes, home runs, stolen bases, and tweets because why the hell not. It even plays a pretty little light show, because baseball fans love pretty little light shows.

See more on Breakfast’s website here.