Bravo/Y&R Reminds Us to, Like, Not Drive While Stoned

By Patrick Coffee 

Did you even KNOW that weed is now legal in like, 23 states or something?

As completely awesome as this fact may be, some problems stem from the legalization movement that do not involve Maureen Dowd taking too many bites of her candy bar. Like, for example, driving: is jumping behind the wheel of the Mystery Machine after inhaling deeply even a good idea?

Bravo/Y&R recently collaborate with We Save Lives, a highway safety advocacy group created to “educate the public about drunk, drugged and distracted driving,” to remind tokers at Colorado’s World Cannabis Week that the answer to that question is “no, DUH!”

Oh, and did you know that WSL was founded by the same TOTALLY WITH IT lady behind MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)? Neither did we!

ANYWAY, this video highlights the two parties’ collaborative product: rolling papers that remind us not to drive after we smoke!

See, we will never drive stoned again because the car moves when you roll it and we have never seen anything so cool in our lives.

Now we want to be wherever that last dude is going.


Creative Credits (Bravo/Y&R)

Claudio Lima: Chief Creative Officer, Bravo/Y&R Miami
Carmelo Rodriguez: Creative Director/Art Director
Willy Lomana: Creative Director/Copywriter
Pedro Pinhal: Creative Director
Jesselle Valdes: Art Director
Loipa Ramos: Copywriter
Carmen Navarrete: Producer
The CutClub: Post Production
Elastik Music: Sound Studio
Espirito Santo: Production House