Bowling Night with the Guys Ain’t the Same without Cigs

By Kiran Aditham 

GSD&M Idea City has launched another round of ads on behalf of the Ad Council and Legacy’s “Become an EX” PSA campaign that urges us to put out the butts, which apparently turn us into lobotomy patients who struggle to reacclimate to daily life once we try to quit. In a statement, Idea City president/CEO Duff Stewart says, “This latest round of EX creative work gets to the heart of helping people save their own lives.”

Of course, there are good intentions underneath the tongue-in-cheek approach from all parties involved including partner Mayo Clinic, which has helped develop personalized quit plans on the campaign’s website. This phase of “EX” also includes print and radio PSAs and even air fresheners. A second spot called “Forklift” is after the jump.

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