Boulder Digital Works Partners with Modernista!

By Kiran Aditham 

The so-called CP+B Factory Farm known as Boulder Digital Works has aligned with another notable shop as the University of Colorado’s digital education program has tapped Boston-based Modernista! as a creative agency partner.

Modernista! will not only provide ongoing student acquisition and program development strategy, full digital creative services for all of BDW’s brand marketing, and lead the Executive Workshop series entitled “Making Digital Work,” but one of the agency’s main duties was redesigning the Digital Works website (homepage shot above), which is now live.

In doing so, Modernista! replaced the current application process with an exercise whereby applicants similarly “tag” and offer descriptions of ten sites that they think showcase the best business, technology and creative solutions in the digital space. The BDW team will use this portfolio of tagged sites to evaluate a student’s capacity and potential, as much as their past experience and skills.

In a statement regarding the redesign, Modernista! co-founder/ECD Gary Koepke says, “The agency partners, board members, faculty and students that make up the BDW community represent the leading creative and strategic minds in the digital space, we want the new site to express that level of thinking in a dynamic way.”

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