BooneOakley Interns Prepare for DNC with ‘Dining with Dems’ Site

By Bob Marshall 

With the Democratic National Convention currently bringing delegates, journalists, and fanboys from around the country to Charlotte for a fun-filled week of speeches, parties, and rampant self-congratulation, the interns at local agency BooneOakley are taking it upon themselves to provide an online welcome mat for those seeking the best eats in all of the Queen City.

At, visitors can learn about the culinary-based dream dates of some of the Democratic Party’s most popular figures including FDR, JDK, LBJ, Andrew Jackson and Woodrow Wilson. As you can see, FDR “enjoys long wheelchair rides of the beach” (Polio joke!), martinis at Blue Restaurant and Bar and the cornmeal hash at Midnight diner. If you don’t trust the opinions of some of the country’s finest Dems, you can always search for local establishments by category be it bars, desserts, and general eats.


But, the best thing about Dining with Dems is the educational value. For example, Andrew Jackson is described as being “more than a man’s man. He was a man’s man’s man. But not in a gay way. In fact, don’t suggest that to Jackson unless you want a duel on your hands.” Learn more about what your history teacher didn’t want to tell you at Dining with Dem’s website, and while you’re at it, criticize your own interns for not thinking of this first.