Boobtastic Sarafan Advertising Mobile Billboard Causes 500 Accidents in One Day

By Erik Oster 


Sarafan Advertising recently created a mobile billboard promoting the visibility of mobile billboards that was perhaps a little too effective at getting, and keeping, drivers’ attention, AdRants reports.

The ad featured a topless woman cupping her hands around her breasts with a green band covering the nipple area and displaying the message, “They attract.” Too true. The billboard, appearing on the side of some 30 trucks around Moscow, caused 500 accidents in one day. It got bad enough that police were actually dispatched to round up the trucks and prevent further accidents.


Drivers involved demanded recompense from the advertising agency, employing the “I couldn’t pay attention to driving because boobs” strategy. Strangely enough, Sarafan Advertising is complying.

“We are planning to bring a new advertising format onto the market, encouraging companies to place their ads on the sides of trucks, as we thought this would be a good alternative to putting them on the sides of public transport. We wanted to draw attention to this new format with this campaign,” said a Sarafan spokesperson. “In all cases of accidents, the car owners will receive compensation costs from us that aren’t covered by their insurance.”