Bogusky Paints His Nails Black and Gives Staff Guitars to Shred With

By Matt Van Hoven 

A tipster sent us the link to CPB Shred School, a sweet little micro that the CP+B set up to teach their staffers how to use the guitars they were all given. Free guitars? Alex, buddy, my brother has mine out in Colorado and I don’t expect him to give it back. What’s a guy got to do (outside of actually working for you) to get a thrash-box gratis, courtesy CP+B? Blogola…check check 1,2. Is this thing on?

Anyway, above is the intro video to the site, with an unplugged performance by Mr. Bogusky. To match his new gitt-ar, AlBo painted his nails black, just like Ozzy! But rather than biting the head off a bat, Bogusky uses his ax to lop off any fears that he’s not the coolest addie out there, running the best agency (this year, according to Creativity). Enjoy.


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