Bob Marley Passover Lights Up Hebrew Text

By Jordan Teicher 


Rabbis around the world just collectively shuddered, but the conservative kids who struggle to sit through a Passover seder have something unique to look forward to. The Haggadah, the prayer book that tells the story of Passover, has just been remixed by Nathan Phillips, a senior writer at SS+K. You may be familiar with a Lena Dunham ad he wrote and directed for Barack Obama’s reelection campaign last fall. Now, with the help of Art Director and shiksa Jessica Stewart, Phillips has unleashed a cool, creative affront to Jewish grandmothers: Bob Marley Passover.

Yes, Bob Marley Passover…as in, Bob Marley Passover. So brazen, it just might work. You can see the project site and download the haggadah here. Don’t forget to #BobMarleyPassover, which is further evidence that hashtagging has gotten way out of hand. But the haggadah itself is legitimate, if not light-hearted and full of a sense of humor bound to clash with almost anyone over 30.

Sometimes, the prose dips too far into whimsy: “Moses went Liam Neeson on the Egyptian and killed him. Rather than do any hard time, Moses ran for the hills and went deep, deep undercover.” Cue offended traditionalists.

“Could You Be Loved” is not one of the four questions, and no, you’re not allowed to roll up the bitter herb. But the text includes the necessary hebrew translations and prayers. There’s also a section for weed cookies, which are not Kosher for Passover, but were included “as a way to remember that spirituality and rebellion go hand in hand.” As a former hebrew school malcontent/graduate, I approve. And then I approve some more.