Bob Jeffrey Is Dead Serious About Winning BK

By Kiran Aditham 

By now, we all know about the BK/CP+B split, which has resulted in plenty of analysis, Twitter tiffs and what not. So as a result, we’re certain several agencies are chomping at the bit to grab the ad business for the fast-food chain. One of them happens to be JWT, which wasn’t even invited to the pitch, but has a cheerleader in its CEO/chairman by the name of Bob Jeffrey. The man behind the relaunch of the “billion dollar startup” in 2005 seems to want the account bad enough that he’ll buy his entire staff a meal at BK. Read his internal memo after the jump….


And here it is in plain text form for hyperlinks.


I’m writing to you with an urgent request.  As many of you may have heard, Burger King is searching for a new agency of record.

I fully believe that JWT is that agency — and I need your help to prove that to our friends at Burger King.

We weren’t officially invited to the Burger King pitch.  But that’s not going to stop us.  JWT represents the industry’s most passionate international network, staffed by the most creative minds on any continent, and we’re going to show Burger King that there is no agency more qualified than us to represent their business.

When I said this was the “Year of Doing,” I meant it.  Here’s what I need from you:

Get to know our future client.  Start at

And click “Like” so I know you’ve been there. Burger King is less than 70 thousand “likes” away from 1 million. JWT will be the agency that gets them where others couldn’t.

If you have an idea or an insight on BK, drop me a line at

Last but not least, the best way to learn about Burger King is to enjoy their food. Pick up a meal and submit your receipt.  Lunch is on me.

Let’s do this.