Bob Greenberg, Kevin Roddy And More

By SuperSpy 

A minute ago, Adweek began posting interviews with the dog dawgs in a video series right up front on their homepage. We would have embedded them here for your viewing pleasure, but alas… the magazine is still working out the kinks.

This week, Brian Morrissey interviewed Bob Greenberg of R/GA. Greenberg is so ready for his close-up with straight up, safe advertising answers, but we did find his inspiration source, architecture, to be a nice window inside his cranium.

Kamau High did Kevin Roddy, ECD BBH North America, who said that this is the time to get into advertising, as the boundaries between print and TV and everything else are collapsing around us. We agree. He rates BBH’s last year as not their best, but certainly a B+.

One complaint, if you let these people use this as a platform for their agency, they will. Joyce King of McCann just went wild there. They all have Directors of Communications who are schilling that story 24 hours a day. Please. Spare us.

There are other videos for your viewing pleasure if these two dudes don’t strike you. Cross your fingers that Adweek can where no advertising magazine has gone before and pull a Barbabra Walters on these heads – ask the tough questions and get real answers. In fact, if you had the chance – what would you ask the big dogs of the business? The comments section awaits you.