Blind Items: It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday

By Patrick Coffee 

Today in blind items, three agencies of various sizes recently went through (alleged) dramas ranging from the surreal to the infectious to the “yes…and?”

  • The chief executive officer of one mid-sized agency was recently replaced due to what sources call a misappropriation of company funds for “personal” expenses. But the agency didn’t brush this exec’s dismissal under the rug–in fact, it held a goodbye party of sorts for the now-former chief. At this party, the CEO reportedly played the role of DJ, and employees had to stand in painfully awkward silence while listening to the entire playlist as the person in question said a tearful farewell.
  • This New York-based agency has been on fire for the last three or four years, critically speaking. Yet, despite its many accolades, it has not been immune to one problem that plagues far too many city spaces: bedbugs. We hear that the agency’s offices have been quite literally crawling with them for the past three weeks, and we honestly hope everyone there is OK because those things are THE WORST and at least one employee seems annoyed enough to send us multiple tips. The Wall Street Journal claims that the city’s cimex lectularius infection peaked in 2010, but as usual we can see right through their Randian lies.
  • In probably-not-so-blind news, the front entrance to the offices of another award-winning agency has been adorned with a sign reading “Nice Cannes.” One reader was less than amused by the mild misogyny on display in this case, but we mention it primarily because we have an ongoing love/hate relationship with terrible puns, and we can’t go for that. No Cannes do.

Since you didn’t ask, we did not write this post in order to give ourselves an excuse to come up with that last line while looking for the very worst “waving goodbye” stock photo.