Blind Items: Get Out of My Dreams, Get (Back) Into My Car

By Patrick Coffee 

Today’s blind item post is more of a roundup.

  • We hear that a certain major agency (which just announced some big changes in its executive lineup) wants to rekindle its relationship with a certain major foreign automobile brand. The agency had what amounted to a quick fling with the company before losing the account to another multinational shop several years ago, and its recently-appointed leaders are hungry for new business. In fact, we hear that the agency is actively pitching future projects for the client, whose current AOR is not particularly amused…and that the CEO is personally reviewing those concepts.
  • We also hear that a major gaming company, which has worked with the New York-based offices of an international agency for the past two years, has shifted part of its account to another, smaller New York agency whose recent work betrays a certain fondness for a convicted pop plagiarist. Because this client’s PR department is every blogger’s worst nightmare, we don’t expect to officially confirm the rumor anytime soon.
  • In a not-quite-so-blind item, a copywriter working the McDonald’s account revealed, via her personal Facebook page, that the client is currently in the process of testing and naming new sandwiches and other products. This means that the chain’s recent rebranding efforts — led by Leo Burnett and focused on sentiment over specifics — are only one part of its plan to convince skeptical Americans to embrace those golden arches once again. Expect a major new-menu campaign in the months ahead.
  • Finally, we hear that a certain Southern agency, which recently closed one of its offices and may have to fight to keep its largest account, is “actively recruiting” for a new CTO despite the fact that its current CTO is still listed among its leadership team. How do we know this? Because a headhunter contacted our source directly to gauge his/her interest in the job.