Blind Item: Which Agency’s Freelancer Fumbles Cause Major Client Grumbles?

By Kiran Aditham 

Nothing like some wild, maybe true/maybe tall tale out of the agency world to alleviate our case of the Mondays, and thankfully, this doozy that came into the Spy line over the weekend seems to do the trick. Here goes…

A well-known agency’s largest client discovered that some free-wheeling freelancers were posting work online that wasn’t live yet. According to one spy, “They’ve threatened to give ____ their walking papers if they find anymore work online, produced or not and have started suing _____ for any and all portfolios they can find online, and if they are PAST employees they are suing the individuals. ____ has already started firing [people] on the spot, even for old portfolios and actual work.”


We’ll do our best to check in with sources close to ____ to verify this information.

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