Blind Item: Transatlantic Creative

By Patrick Coffee 

Atlantic Ocean

Here’s a particularly interesting tip we received today: a certain big-name North American agency owned by a certain big-name holding company has been looking overseas for its next top creative officer.

The agency, whose first Big Apple office recently went through an unexpected top-level change, is allegedly “very close” to promoting someone within its own ranks to the chief creative position.

Since the shop’s name sits atop several different Stateside locations, we aren’t precisely sure at the moment which team this candidate would lead. But the agency has reason for promotions: it recently won the global business for a legacy automobile brand.

The candidate in question has a fairly extensive history in the (overseas) agency world: after doing his/her time at a couple of the big ones years ago, he/she co-founded more than one independent operation and directed creative under another historic name before landing the number two job at the shop in question less than three years ago.

We hear that the announcement will come soon.