Blind Item: The Rant to End All Rants

By Matt Van Hoven 

There’s a bit of a payoff to this ranty rant. Apparently, the agency in question entered AdAge’s small agency of the year award. So here’s the deal: if they win, we’ll put all this together for you. If not, why beat a dead horse? Stay tuned. Rant begins below.

__________ __________ steal it’s ideas again. With a creative director that just can’t quite cut it, on the sites designed directly by the creative director he has been known for simply paging through the latest FWA winning sites to choose the site they will rip off for their next “big idea.”

They did it before most directly with the creation of _______ ______________ a poorly done rip off of Big Spaceship’s Packland Site ( Now the most ridiculous crime. We heard that for their submission to re-win the best small agency of the year award from Ad Age they are directly ripping off the look and feel of Goodby Silverstein’s Hewlett Packard ad’s ( After a little digging we found their submission hidden on their site. We hope Ad Age will recognize this crime and disqualify [them] for stealing another agencies idea. The most ironic piece is that although ________ did double their revenue last year, they lost the majority of their ________ retainers roughly a month ago.

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