Blind Item: Senior-Level Agency Dude is Throwing Total Brah-B-Q, No ‘Chick’ Allowed…Dude

By Kiran Aditham 


We have received word on multiple ends that this is 100 percent legit, and it apparently has drawn the ire, as you’d imagine, of many female staffers at a certain well-known, Midwestern agency. Why? Well, because this was sent to 50+ certain “dudes” and those not of the XY chromosome at said agency caught wind. So, is this just a guys’ day out, a higher-up at a pretty notable agency bringing out his true bro colors, or is this overreaction? To protect those in the matter, we’ve redacted the incriminating info (sorry) but here’s the official body of the email verbatim that was sent at lunchtime yesterday:


“Hey dudes,

MeatFest is this Saturday at 6 pm in my backyard. The rules are simple. Meat. Booze. Dudes.
No chicks. No Veggies. No tofu. (Bread is permissable but only to sop up juices or as a bun.)

I know I have missed a shit ton of guys (You think it’s easy to organize this crap?) so if I you know someone who is:

A) a dude
B) not a chick
C) like meats
D) likes booze.

….Feel free to bring them. And if someone whines because they were left off this list, tell them to stop being a baby and just show up. It was an honest mistake.

T-shirts have not yet been ordered. Let me know your size if you want one. They will be about 10 bucks. Design is being revised due to a white ink shortage.

I’ll try to have enough beer on hand and a ton of meat. But if you have a meat specialty that you make, bring it on. If you are just going to bring shitty hot dogs, don’t bother. We’re totally up scale.

My address is
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Google directions from the office: