Blind Item: Nothing Like an Agency Salary Freeze

By Kiran Aditham 

It’s time to dust off the blind item category once again as we received a couple of tips on this and are still checking in on things, but since we’re getting the cold shoulder, figure it’s best to leave it our readership to decide. Here’s the last word from the Spy line that we received over the weekend. Feel free to weigh in. Names have obviously been redacted, but it does involve a holding company you’re all familiar with and one employee (at least) who seems to have had it.

“[Redacted} ad agencies continue to be on salary freezes. Some employees haven’t had a raise in 4-6 years. [Redacted] profits continue to rise, as does executive compensation. But for 95% of employees, wages have actually gone down when you factor in real increases like medical, dental premium increases, etc.”

Hmm, maybe it was that pesky payroll tax that played into the mix? Whatever the case, we’ll keep looking into this.