Blind Item: Is Holiday Party Time Dead?

By Kiran Aditham 

From our distant view, it appears that the agency holiday party scene is a bit quieter this year than most. Then again, maybe we’ve just lost our luster, but this little note from a notable agency was sent our way from a seemingly distressed soul who prefaced his or her tip with “Christmas is cancelled at <redacted>.” We’re not sure if things are more low-key this year, but is your agency sending memos like this? Perhaps our tipster is being a bit oversensitive, but feel free to chime in.

“This is to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and, as it coincides, Chanukah.


To remind, we are closed tomorrow and Friday  in observance. As the roads are slick  and storms persist please use your discretion in departing this afternoon, but safety first is the primary concern.

You may have noticed that we have yet to send a Hold the Date for the Holiday Party. Given how short the post-Thanksgiving period will be, only three weeks, we’d like to postpone the party until later, in 2014 when we hope to have some good things to share and time to enjoy it.

So for now, rest up over  Thanksgiving, know that we’ll have a sprint to the finish line and after the  break can return to a New Year and a chance to celebrate the possibilities.

Happy Thanksgiving.”