Blind Item: End of Summer Office Party, Whoooo!

By Patrick Coffee 

Earlier this week, a very irritated reader sent us a tip regarding an (alleged) request from an agency office on the West Coast.

Based on the email included in the tip, the agency in question doesn’t quite have the supplies or funding required to plan a truly kickass summer office party–so its media team reached out to at least one client for help.

Here’s the body of the suspect email:


Hope your week is going well so far. Wondering if you could help us out! The Media team here is in charge of putting together a summer party for our office, and people expect it to be the best. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. We decided to put together a contest and think that it would be really fun to look to our partners for some sponsored SWAG! We’re thinking fun stuff like funny t-shirts, towels, cool bottle openers etc. OR great big stuff like wine, beer (okay let’s be honest, any sort of alcohol will help everyone have a good time at this party), candy, DVDs, party lights or gear (because we would love to see our president wearing a beer helmet), gift certificates for mani/pedis, movies, restaurants etc. Do you think you can help us out with any ideas or provide some sweet goodies?! Appreciate anything you can think of or throwing us anything you have lying around the office 🙂

Our tipster did name an agency, but sources gave conflicting testimony. One person says the shop in question does not hold summer office parties and would never make such a request of a client while another claims that this sort of thing is common practice at agencies everywhere.

Still, someone sent this email, and its recipient found the requests “absurd” enough to alert us. The party will almost certainly prove to be good, not-quite-clean fun for all who attend whether the requested swag makes its way to the office or not.

(Employees of the guilty agency may or may not resemble the actors in the stock photo above.)