Blammo Worldwide is Here to Ruin Christmas

By Bob Marshall 

Earlier this month, Fox Chicago news anchor Robin Robinson made headlines for famously telling the children of the Windy City that “Santa is not real.” Needless to say, people were PISSED, and Ms. Robinson is now public enemy number 1 around these parts.

Luckily, the folks at Toronto-based Blammo Worldwide don’t have their own news station. As the Sears guy would say, Blammo is raining some “cold hard facts up in here.” No, children, your mom isn’t cheating on your father with a philanthropist demigod, and reindeer only fly when you’re tripping on ‘shrooms. So, happy holidays from Blammo we guess, and we’ll see if this results in children worldwide turning to hallucinogens in order to keep the miracle of Christmas alive. Credits after the jump.


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