Bionic Lobster Unlikely Mascot for Leatherman Multi-tool

By Matt Van Hoven 

Watch the clip before reading this post.

Stick and Move, a Pennsylvania shop lead by two ex-Boguskians, sent us their latest work for Leatherman. It’s fun, employs a wobbly-eyed lobster, and reminds us why we love watchind ads more than the TV shows they support (well, sometimes).


We’ll avoid shortening Stick and Move to…S&M…for obvious reasons. But we will tell you that agency heads Steve O’Connell and Jared Scott are doing their part to keep the small agency world strong. Read a brief interview with O’Connell, after the jump.

Matt: Is Stick and Move AoR on Leatherman?

O’Connell: AOR for Leatherman, well, technically we’re not on retainer but we’ve been the only agency they’ve worked with for the last year and a half and we’re working next year with them as well. So it’s like we’re AOR. But it’s all technically project-based. So, I’m not sure what that makes us.

Matt: Who else ebenfits from your creativity?

O’Connell: Other clients in addition to Leatherman include: VitaminWater, POWERade, Schwinn, Simple Shoes, Yakima and TradeKing (mix of AOR and project based relationships).

Matt: What’d you do at CPB?

O’Connell: My background at CPB; started as a writer. Worked on things like Shimano and truth. Then eventually moved up to Associate Creative Director where I handled IKEA and then MINI. MINI was really my main account when I left and where I did my most award-winning stuff. Was at the agency for about 6 years. Jared was there for about 3, he was an Account Supervisor on Shimano, Giro, Telluride and truth.

Matt: Tell us about Jared Scott and your history…briefly!

O’Connell: He’s our Director of Account Service and I’m the ECD. We worked together at CPB for a few years (mostly on truth) and then he left for WestWayne. But left there a couple years later to start STICK and MOVE with me. I was at CPB the whole time.

Matt: How big is your shop (how many addies)?

O’Connell: As for STICK and MOVE, we’re 16 people now. Based in sunny Philadelphia. If you’ve got a sec, check out our website: stickandmove DOT com.