Bill Hader Goes Spelunking in the New VW Jetta

By Bob Marshall 

It would seem, from this three-minute long discussion of the new Volkswagen Jetta, that the car has a pretty spacious interior. Sure, it does other things, but that interior? It’s so spacious that comedic actor and Saturday Night Live cast member Bill Hader has to get caving gear to explore it. Of course, if there’s anything we’ve learned from the movies (seriously, watch that clip), we know that a spacious Jetta can fit awesome state-of-the-art street racing components. Thanks, Volkswagen Academy!

Wait, are Volkswagen and Deutsch LA attempting to sell us a vehicle we can use to break the law? Well, with all that room (and with a Hader lost in your backseat), you can easily hide your winnings from street racing in the car’s interior without the fuzz ever finding it. And, if the gentlemen are wondering who the nice lady with the glasses is, her name is Danielle Gumro, and her official title is “Volkswagen Product Specialist.” Credits after the jump.


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