Best Buy’s Gonna Get Jacked by Borna Sammak

By Matt Van Hoven 

Not sure if you knew this &#151 Best Buy is filled with super-hi-def televisions. Borna Sammak is an artist whose works are best displayed on such devices, and as such he intends to take over a Best Buy on October 8th. Well, not like, take hostage &#151 he’s planning to commandeer the Best Buy at 622 Broadway here in NYC. Unless Best Buy is reading this right now, which would probably put an end to the attempt.

Or would it? The urge here is to call Best Buy and be like, “Hey, Borna Sammak wants to hijack your store. Where does his idea rank on Best Buy’s ‘Gonna/Not Gonna Happen’ scale?” But that would undermine Sammak’s attempts. Since we can’t control who reads this blog, if anyone from Best Buy is reading this please email agencyspy at gmail dot come with your ‘Gonna/Not Gonna Happen’ rating. We give this one a 2 out of a possible 75.


Untitled Video Painting 02 from borna on Vimeo.

Via Animal New York

Best Buy, You So Baaaad