Belgian Creatives’ Sperm Will Win More Cannes Lions Than You

By Patrick Coffee 

Apparently Belgium is the new Brazil, which was the new Sweden. Or something.

Here’s the deal: Belgian creatives want to ensure that they retain their outsized presence at Cannes, but fewer young people are studying advertising in the schools. One particularly innovative solution, via Creative Belgium (formerly The Creative Club of Belgium, which is an industry advocacy group): save your sperm. And save the future.

Potential tagline: Make Belgium Great Again, with semen.


From the homepage of the “Sperman” or “Ad Babies” project:

“Active in the creative sector? Then we need you. Become a sperm donor and gain more creative children in the future.”

We really like the image here.


But wait: this is a serious project created to serve the public good!

“Countless childless couples do an annual appeal to the Centre for Reproductive Medicine, UZ Brussels to have children…lend them a hand. For a donation, you can visit every day in the UZ Brussel. Non-creative people are also welcome.”

Here’s a video filled with humblebrags.

Creative Belgium manager Greet Wachters tells our colleagues at AdFreak, “That’s one of our ambitions—to guarantee a continuous inflow of creative talent.”

OK, but who wants a kid genetically predisposed to work in advertising?