Behold: The Dumbest Mobile App Ever

By Bob Marshall 

You may remember former SS+K copywriter Joe Sayaman from his send-off video to his old agency. You may remember Sayaman from his mobile reviews app Recco. Well, now you know Sayaman from his “Pee & Poo Save the World” iPhone game, available for purchase here if you think playing with feces in a digital environment sounds exciting. If not, do 18 reviews and a 5-star rating in the App Store make it sound more enticing?

Sayaman gave us the lowdown behind the app’s creation, saying “It’s both ours and the client’s first game and was a complete collaborative process. We’re all excited about just making stuff & learning new things along the way. For the game, we didn’t want to over-think things (obviously) and wanted to accomplish a few things: make something that people would want to play for more than 5 minutes, make something the client’s kids would get a kick out of, make it beautiful, and have fun doing it. In short, we’re taking a chance. We can’t worry about if it’s the next big game, we just wanted to put it out there and see if people are into superhero excrement.”


We challenge you to find any mobile app that compares to this. Seriously, if you have it, let us know. Oh, and it has to be an app, so giving us a link to your “Instagram My Poo” Tumblr doesn’t count. Credits after the jump.

Creatives: Peter Cortez & Joe Sayaman
Illustrator/Designer: Paul Beresniewicz
Developer: MIZAPLAS/InFullMobile