Because Your Girlfriend Bores You Shitless

By SuperSpy 

UPDATE: Sony has put their Playstation account into review! Hopefully, it was because of bloggers like us! Read More Here.

Over the past year, Playstation has done a lot to alienate their consumer base. They’ve done so much that once loyal users have begun posting YouTube videos in response to the brands’ marketing/advertising that nicely sums up why Playstation’s market share is falling into the crapper. Check out the one above.

Sony’s Playstation also has a knack for alienating women. You MUST read this print ad below for Playstation India that comes with the tagline, “PS2, because your girlfriend bores you shitless.” No, no… that’s not a typo. We wish we were kidding. See more of them here. Considering that women now make up the majority of causal gamers and are fast taking up percent points on consoles, Playstation is being not only misogynistic, but short sighted. We’re wondering when NOW is going to catch onto Playstation’s gender issues and create a real shitstorm.

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