BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Transforms Father for Super-Pharm

By Erik Oster 

Israeli agency BBR Saatchi & Saatchi launched a new spot for razor brand Super-Pharm, showing how one 44-year-old man’s family reacts when he shaves off his (well-trimmed) beard, which he has had for 14 years.

The spot opens by introducing the man, Mook, and explaining that his wife and children have never seen him without a beard. After shaving off all his facial hair (with stylized shots of Super-Pharm’s razor in action, of course), he visits his mother, father and sister at the family store, where they barely recognize him. Later, his daughter tells him he looks like “a different daddy” while his wife jokes that she feels like she’s cheating on him. While seeing his family’s reactions has a certain charm, the ad feels far too long at around three minutes long, as it could have easily accomplished its goal in half that time.

“We were offering to shoot a documentary, which is not your regular advertising format where things are scripted,” BBR’s Eva Hasson told Adweek, adding that the idea stemmed from someone at the agency recalling that as a child they didn’t recognize their father after he shaved off his beard. “This format is a lot riskier, and we warned our client that we may ultimately go through all the motions and end up with nothing. Truth be told, we actually shot three documentaries—only one worked out. This was a gutsy decision by the client, who rolled with us, and so far, the movie has garnered over 430,000 views in under a week.”


Client: Super-Pharm
Brand: Life Private Label Brand
Product: M6 razor blades
Agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi, Tel Aviv
Chief Executive Officer: Yossi Lubaton
Executive Creative Director: Nadav Pressman
Creative Director: Idan Levy
Art Director: Michal Gonen
Copywriter: Yair Zisser
Digital Creative Director: Maayan Dar
Vice President, Production: Dorit Gvili
Producer: Odelia Nachmias Freifeld
Vice President, Client Services: Shani Vengosh Shaul
Supervisor: Noa Sharf
Account Executive: Stav Hershkovitz
Vice President, Strategic Planning: Shai Nissenboim
Strategic Planner: Roni Arisson
Planning Information Specialist: Eva Hasson
Traffic: Ronit Doanis, Yael Kaufman
Production Company: T GO Tom Sofer
Director: Oded Binun
Postproduction: Broadcast