BBH’s Blacklist

By SuperSpy 

Some people are proud of their history. Others, not so much. Regardless of which camp you are in, if you worked for BBH (at any time, any decade) you are welcome to be a part of their Blacklist. Kind of a funny name for something BBH is pushing as positive, but whatevs. Save the McCarthy-era title, it’s actually a very sweet and adorable site. Click on any of the spinning nodes and find out about any BBH employee.

At random, we got Gemma Coast, an IT worker in the London office. She’s worked at BBH since 2005 and lists her best BBH moment as “when the agency took us to Miami for the 25th Anniversary of the company. I played golf on an amazing golf course.”


Every social network is really a secret dating service. While we can’t vouch for everyone being as cool as Ms. Coast, why don’t you shop around for a “special friend” or two?

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