BBH London, Tesco Take You to the ‘Spookermarket’

By Erik Oster 

BBH London launched a Halloween online and social campaign for supermarket chain Tesco built around a 90-second prankvertising ad entitled “Introducing Spookermarket.”

As you may have guessed, for “Introducing Spookermarket” BBH transformed a Tesco with Halloween scares, such as deli workers with scary clown makeup, a ghostly-painted woman hiding behind paper towels carts seemingly moving on their own and more, with hidden cameras catching customers’ reactions. Such Halloween hijinks, of course, are nothing new as this prankvertising approach has been around for years now and there’s really not much fresh about the “Introducing Spookermarket” spot. There is one nice touch to the campaign, however, and that’s the supporting videos showing viewers how to recreate some of the scares from the ad (and, it appears, a few that aren’t in the video) at home. With Halloween on the horizon, that may be enough to get viewers to share the videos as they prepare for the holiday.

Creative Agency: BBH London
Strategy Director: Ben Shaw
Strategist: Damola Timeyin
Project Manager: Alex Walker-Sage
Creative Director: Matt Moreland & Chris Clarke
Creative: Kate Murphy
Community Management: Tom Cauvain
Business Director : Holly Ripper
Account Manager: Jemma Marriott
Account Director: Stephen Jones

Production Company: Black Sheep Studios
Producer: Sophie Simmons, Anthony Taylor
Director: David Stoddart