BBH London Imagines a ‘Colourless Future’ for Dulux

By Erik Oster 

BBH London released an ambitious new ad for paint brand Dulux, entitled “Colourless Future,” imagining a dystopian future where color is banned.

The cinematic, 60-second spot is something of a spiritual successor to a spot BBH London created last year depicting prohibition if color had been banned instead of alcohol. It opens with the text, “Once upon a time in the future.” A woman bumps into a man and spills colored paint on him, setting off an alarm for a “Colour Violation” in the sector. After the two manage to escape, she takes him to a hideout full of all kinds of color and Dulux paint cans everywhere. The two hatch a plan to make a pretty drastic change.


While the ridiculous premise might be a bit hard to swallow, BBH London execute the ad well. The scope of the visual effects makes the ad feel like a sci-fi blockbuster, with the agency integrating the product well. No one who watches for more than a few seconds will confuse this for anything but an advertisement for paint, which is a good thing, but its cinematic ambitions set it apart and make it memorable.


Agency: BBH London
Creative directors: Martha Riley, Nick Allsop
Creatives: Richard Hooley, Victoria Jagger
Production company: Somesuch
Director: Daniel Wolfe