BBH London Champions Sharing for KFC

By Erik Oster 

BBH London tells the story of “The Boy Who Learnt To Share” for KFC in a 60-second holiday spot for the brand.

The ad shows the selfish nature of a young boy who refuses to share. He hogs up all the snow when making snowmen with his sister, won’t share an umbrella with his mother, writes his name on all the Christmas presents and, when cast as one of the wise men in a Christmas pageant, he won’t even give a gift to the baby Jesus. When the family gets KFC he initially holds his arms around an entire bucket, declaring it for himself. But when he sees the rest of the family happily sharing the rest of the meal, he finally decides to share, offering his sister a drumstick.


The whole “learning to share” angle is not a bad approach for a heartwarming holiday spot, and the spot is mostly put together well, but there’s one problem I can’t seem to get over with this one. At no point in the ad do we see the parents actually try to teach their son to share, something he should presumably have learned at least a little about from them. Instead, the parents seem to just ignore his bad behavior as if there’s nothing they can do and let him continue to act like a little snot. Wouldn’t the boy finally learning to share mean more if they had made attempts to teach him before? Understandably the spot is attempting to show KFC as the catalyst for the revelation, but this comes across as a bit random and forced since viewers aren’t really presented a window into his motivations or given the impression that the parents have done anything to try to change the son’s behavior.

“The Boy Who Learnt To Share” is supported by a social campaign in which KFC is calling on fans to tweet using the hashtag #KFCSharesies for the chance to participate in a campaign challenge and win a prize.


Agency: BBH London
Client: KFC (UK)
Creative Team: Claire Stokes
Creative Team: Maria Sousa Machado
Creative Director: Hamish Pinnell
Strategist: John Jones
Strategy Director: Debra Ladd
Business Lead: Sian Cook
Team Manager: Helen Campbell-Borton
Team Director: Leo Sloley
Producer: Jodie Sibson
Assistant Producer: David Lynch
Production Company: Academy Films
Director: Si & Ad
Executive Producer: Lizie Gower
Producer: Lucy Gossage
DOP: Florian Hoffmeister
Post Production: Neil Davis
Post Production: The Mill
Editor: Joe Guest
Editing House: Final Cut
Sound: Dan Beckwith
Sound: Factory
Music Composer: Michael Blainey