BBH Labs Seeks Logo Via Crowdspring to Ire of Designers

By Matt Van Hoven 

BBH Labs is Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s new global innovations unit. They’re seeking a new logo and to get it they’re offering a $1,500 prize. It’s kinda BS to crowd source this and undercut the field of freelance designers, many of whom are hungry for work these days. Here’s the agency’s talky talky:

“In exploring new approaches to creative collaboration, we post this brief well aware of the debate around the Crowdspring business model within the design community. Our interest lies in finding fresh, new creative talent efficiently. It is not in our interest to undercut existing market value design fees.”

Writes the Denver Egotist: “You fuckin’ serious? The very fact that you’re running a contest means you support undercutting the market value of designers. This is a greatly respected advertising agency that has just pissed in the face of every designer on the planet by offloading their logo assignment to some shite crowdsourcing site. How many great designers are out of work right now that would have gladly taken the project? How many great designers would work on the project just because it’s for BBH? $1,500 for a logo? Shit’s sorry and it’s caused us to greatly reconsider the respect we once had for this shop.”

OK well I guess we see both sides here. Crowdsourcing is the cool thing these days, and the agency knows there are willing designers all over the friggin place. But didn’t Arnell just get like a few mil for the Pepsi logo redesign? Oh yeah. Sure, BBH Labs isn’t anywhere as big, but does that make it OK?

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